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1 . What information is needed for processing my visa?

1. Your full name (exactly as in your passport) 2. Date of birth (DOB) 3. Nationality 4. Passport Number 5. Proposed arrival date  

2 . What is the difference between single entry visa and multiple entry visa?

In normal cases, you just use single-entry visa. In case you would like to enter Cambodia, Laos or any other country from Vietnam and then re-enter without having to apply for another visa, or you intend to have more than a month in Vietnam with tourist visa, you need a multiple-entry (or ...

3 . What should I do to get a multiple-entry visa to Vietnam?

This is quite simple: All Vietnam visas are single entry - unless you have specifically requested multiple entry and this is stamped into the passport. The status of a tourist visa cannot be changed from single entry to multiple entries once you have arrived in Vietnam.

4 . Where can I get Vietnam visa?

Getting visa to Vietnam is quite simple and easy now. There are 2 options for getting Vietnam visa: 1/ Getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy before coming to Vietnam. You can contact Vietnam embassy directly for applying Vietnam visa, or get your visa stamped at embassy with ...

5 . How many kind of visa are there?

There are two ways of classification. First, in terms of traveling purpose, there are four kinds of Vietnam entry visa: Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Visa extension and Re-entry Visa. The other way is to classify upon the method to get the visa, according to which, there are two kinds: Visa on ...