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  Application for Entry and Exit Visa?

Hi! On the form to be filled in when you arrive it says at the bottom: Please, fill in two forms (attaching two latest photos, in 4 x 6 cm size, with a face straight forward) submit one form to the Vietnam visa issuing office, or consulate, and the other to frontier, police post upon your arrival. Can you clarify where these forms are meant to be submited to? Many thanks

Posted by evis

  Tourist visa for Viet nam

I am thinking of going to Vietnam for the  holiday. I live in Suzhou, China. Could you tell me the easiest and most convenient way to get this visa? Should I go to the consular section in Shanghai? When is this place open and what is the telephone number? Thank you for your assistance.

Posted by thomad

  Can i apply here?

hi, I have a question about vietnam visa :  Iam US citizen. Can I also apply for the vietnam visa here? because somebody told me that for us citizens we have to apply for it in the embassy?



Posted by John

  Form of payment for Vietnam visa

Have filled out application. Have got photos Can we use creditcard as "form of payment"? If passport reached to you by end of Nov09 - what would be the processing time?

Posted by test

  Can i enter ealier?

if I apply for a Visa on arrival and type in an exact arrival date: What will happen, when the airline change the flight dates on a day, which is earlier than applied? Kind regards Patricia Hartmann


  Visa exemption for Russian citizens

Hello, I"m a Russian citizen and intend to visit Vietnam for 7-8 days (less then 15), which means it"s not necessary for me to acquire a visa. But I"m going to enter Vietnam not through the airport, but by ferry from China (Hainan Island). I"m concerned whether I might have problems in Halong on arrival because while in the airport the personnel usually know the visa requirements well - I an afraid the sea port staff might not be that familiar with the procedures. Another thig - do I have to show the ticket from Vietnam so they that let me in? Because I"m going to travel by Open tour bus system and in a week leave from Vietnam to Cambodia, so I won"t have an airplane ticket as I"m leaving by bus. Thank you for your answer=)

Posted by Ekaterina
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